We have all the amenities you expect in the school of your dream. We offer top quality in everything, be it related to studies or extra curricular activities. . All because your child deserves nothing less than the best at Cardinal Padiyara Public School. Generally the school offers all common fcailities such as Hostel, School Buses,  Library, Laboratories etc. In addition to these, your children can enjoy the facilities for learning Music, Dance,Voley Ball
Co-curricular Activities
Training is imparted in instrumental music, dance, painting and drawing and also coaching in sports and games after class time.
Music & Dance
 The importance of music and other traditional arts in education is evident from this. Being aware of the relevance of this, the school conducts a Music class and a Dance class. Only traditional Indian Dances are taught by competent and qualified teachers in the Dance class.
Parent Teacher Association
Class wise PTA meeting is held twice in a term to create a bond between children, their parents and teachers.
School maintains a spacious Library Hall and has a very good collection of books in all categories. Students can be members of the library. They can either come and read books / magazines in the library itself or take books home and give back after reading.  It has already a collection of 12,500 books 2050 reference books like many sets of encyclopedias of educational value in large number. The reading room has many periodicals in all the three languages too. These are to be made the best use of by students and teachers as well.A class wise library also is planned to be established soon.
Transport Facility:  Children are transported in the school buses from a radius of 25 to 35 Kms. daily to and from the school campus. Transport facility is also provided for students attending entrance coaching classes.
Smart Class : Smart Class programme transforms our present day classrooms into technology enabled classrooms. It has revolutionized the way a teacher teaches in the classroom making the learning process both cognitive and constructive. It is an innovative technology that helps the students to benefit from animations and audio visual inputs based on the topics learnt. The digitalized classes offer a practical approach which focuses on the child’s interest and helps them to be cognizant of the wide diversity of learning styles. This technology offers suitable aid for students from KG to Plus Two. We hope to provide our children the best solution to develop both in the cognitive and intellectual level.Interactive class rooms are provided for digital learning of the syllabus in attractive, well equipped class rooms by NIIT.
Cardinal Padiyara Public School is having a spacious and modern science laboratory for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All the perks needed for science labs are arranged here. The school also has a well up-to-date Computer Lab with all necessary and latest systems and software